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A Place to Learn Chinese Language by Flashcards / Apps for iPhone & PC

A Place to Learn Chinese Language by Flashcards / Apps for iPhone & PC

Chinese Flashcards, Dictionary to learn Chinese Idioms and Phrases


Posted by Ben on February 13 2014, 18:57pm

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"A different language is a different vision of life."

Federico Fellini, Italian film director

Erudition of new languages is definitely a stimulation of mind towards the newness. People having urge to learn languages have strong cognitive abilities in terms of creativity and knowledge. They seek for uniqueness and enhancement of capabilities with innovation to make better impression of their entire persona. This type of intellect results improved intelligence scores as well. In this modern technological era, it seems to be enough difficult to enjoy the ease at learning. Managing time for such an activity is found challenging. The demand is to learn with complete set of instructions with clear visuals but the tutor management is enough tough in this context at desired time and lace. Purple Panda serves as the trouble shooter for all these problems to learn Chinese language.

Chinese Language interactive sort of applications are being offered for quick learning. Chinese language is regarded as one of the difficult languages to learn as compare to other foreign languages. Chinese characters and its tones are regarded as one of the main hurdles in learning process especially for the people having native languages like English. That is why the major concern for learning a new language is that, “How can I learn affluently and with proficiency?” The interactive applications offered by the Purple Panda fully addresses these concerns. The applications lay stress upon characters and multi-character compounds that are usually regarded as difficult to learn.

The applications use the technique of Chinese flashcards online. The learning has cavernous impact with the help of visual aid. It is a proven research by Professor Shichida and Glen Doman, flashcard technique helps to absorb the information by the right brain unconsciously. The flashing process transmits strong vibrations in brain that ensures to enhance the recognizing, learning and memorizing abilities that stimulates brain positively as well. Accompanying all this acts, the Chinese flashcards pools sound files, stroke order animations and spaced repetition along with execution of its customary functions. Significantly, the spaced repetition algorithm provides patronized repetition of flash cards. The incorporated patterns of the flash cards are verified in numerous experiments and circumstances of daily life. All these factors of Chinese characters flash cards draws resonant and healthy learning impacts for sure.

The applications by us can be purchased that complements the learning process of Chinese language by using online flashcards which carry easy Chinese idioms and phrases. This type of learning perfectly allows a room of practice to students in an efficient manner. The applications with effective techniques not only complements the Chinese cultural desires but also delivers ease and joy for the time spending in educating oneself. The adventure of understanding a new tongue is always unique but the learning experience offered by us would be truly memorable in its own way to match your passionate mind.

Chinese Language Flashcards for iPhone & PC

Chinese Language Flashcards for iPhone & PC

A different language is a different vision of life.

Federico Fellini, Italian film director

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