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A Place to Learn Chinese Language by Flashcards / Apps for iPhone & PC

A Place to Learn Chinese Language by Flashcards / Apps for iPhone & PC

Chinese Flashcards, Dictionary to learn Chinese Idioms and Phrases

Amazing Facts about Purple Panda’s Chinese Language App

Posted by Ben on April 22 2014, 20:14pm

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If you own an iPhone or a PC with android apps compatibility, and also wishing to become a master of the Chinese language, then Flashcard App of New Practical Chinese Reader is the best choice to fulfil your desires. This app is compatible on Android 2.1 and with many further releases. This app amazingly can help the user understand all the basic terminologies and concepts without any kind of difficulty.

Designing Criteria:

The app is designed on the basic concept which is introduced in the textbook for learning as well as it is designed for the convenience of the learner. This is designed for the starters who have just started to learn. After completing their app, performing different levels they will be made perfect in their learnings regarding the language’s basic concerns. Basically it is designed to remove the issues in the textbook knowledge.

Providing Info:

The intelligent flash card reader helps the user to learn effectively with its best and incredible available qualities. This allows the learners to learn the same as is mentioned in the textbook in order to overcome the problems, if any in the textbooks.

Teaching Criteria:

Now learning of any unfamiliar language is not a vague idea and not difficult any more for you due to this particular app. Flash cards app provides you the best solutions by repeating the words again and again till you become the master of those words. Moreover, it skips the words you get perfect at and will remind those after a long time in order to assess whether you are still aware of them or not.

Assessment Making:

The knowledge of the user is assessed by the markings of the words with rating scale from unmarked (zero rank) to the best known (assigned 5 star marking). The ratings are made from the “tick”, “cross” and “unrecognized” icons.

Side Features:

This application has a wide range of facilities. One of which is an astonishing feature that helps the teachers, lecturers and professors make the flash cards for preparing their lectures using vocals. This helps to make the lecture effective and interesting. This helps the students to learn using technology which ultimately is though provoking.

From the above discussion it is concluded that learning of Chinese Language is not as difficult as it is considered in different regions of the world. The basic things that should be kept in account are that you must be well aware of the technological changes around your area and have the know-how of using that. It is not always necessary for the learners to seek education from book or move to faraway places. Rather they are provided with the best choices at their finger clicks.

To conclude, one may say that the flash cards are add-ons that are connected in order to run these android apps on your iPhone or PC. Providing the best features these help in working out with the language. If you want more info about Chinese Characters Flashcards Online please visit us.

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